Make your business more efficient and profitable by improving resource flows.

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Who we are

Who we are

As a management consulting and innovation support boutique we are true partners for founders and owners of businesses, as well as for CEO, HR, Product and Commercial managers. Decades of our experience in major European economies (France, Germany, UK, Switzerland) guarantee pragmatic understanding of your needs and great improvements for your Cash Flow and product performance.


Organizational optimization

Optimize your organization and you will get better performance. Understanding your company specifics, your history, challenges, resources and human side, we will help you to transform your company by Efficient Resource Flow Alignment methodology - ERFA (c) - to improve your results by optimally directing flows of money and work through your organization. CLICK TO REQUEST ERFA (c) METHODOLOGY INTRODUCTION.

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Product Management

We help to improve your product management by assessment of 2 flow dimensions of your product portfolio and each product - investment flow and process flow. Together with your team we will orchestrate your Product and Project Management practices (Agile, Scrum etc.) with overall management and financial framework of your business to facilitate better product KPI achievement. CLICK TO REQUEST ERFA (c) METHODOLOGY INTRODUCTION.

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Supporting innovative startup teams

We accompany startups in pursuit of funding and product launch by interim collaboration as part of your top management team to attract investment and accelerate traction and quality of project development. With 3 innovative seed stage projects today on this model, we will gladly discuss your project's need of building a convincing management team. View examples - click "SUPPORTED PROJECTS" page. Request info on projects that we support:

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We are not all-knowers, we are problem-solvers. Committed partners of our clients, we listen, ask right questions, understand you and speak out hard truths. We value your time and respect your competence.

We believe that business is primarily about making money. People work in companies primarily to earn money. If we agree on this, then we are on the same wave and our pragmatic methods will work for you.

Focused on how to improve your cash and value generation, we see everything subordinate to flow of money and what comes in return.

Operational experience, pragmatism, common sense and fundamentals of financial management underpin our unique methodologies connecting your organizational structure with popular agile approaches in a clear and logical operational model -
Efficient Resource Flow Alignment (c).